A Beautiful City

Sulendald was a beautiful city.
It lay in a low valley, in Itherin, near the Wildlands. A large river ran through the valley. A bridge crossed the river, from a hill, to the main entrance of Sulendald. In the east, lay rolling wooded hills, which grew thicker the further east one traveled. Mountains and forests lay beyond that, with only a few sure outposts here and there until only the Wildlands reigned. It was a well defended city, tall stone walls jutted from the grassy valley floor below, surrounding the buildings within. A number of small towns, villages, and farmlands dotted the nearby lands in the west. From afar one could see the main fortress in the city center, and the spiraling of roads spinning outward to the buildings and houses around it. Another long bridge led to a sharp curve in the wide river, where a number of docks spread out like fingers on a hand. Fishing boats and large river barges docked here, filling up with trade goods to bring down river for selling to other Freeland cities. Despite its nearness to the Wildlands and the dangers therein, it was a prosperous and bright city.


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