A Whole New World

So… I wear glasses now.

The doctor told me I should’ve gotten them years ago and that I have been over-focusing all this time to compensate. I find this ironic and funny, because in school on those little tests they did I was always told that I had 20/20 vision. Yup. Over-focusing. The doctor said that is common because in school there is a lot of peer pressure and you want to perform well so usually they only catch kids with really bad blurry vision. The rest focus harder to “pass” the test or just don’t need glasses.

Looking back there were plenty of things that really should’ve clued me in. I’m a millennial so I grew up in the time when theaters were just transitioning from film to digital. I thought the “fuzziness” that I saw when going to the cinemas just went along with the grainy black flecks of film that were a part of “movies on the big screen”. Then, when the theaters in my area transitioned to all digital projection screens I thought movie makers just carried that “fuzziness” quality over to stay authentic. People always talked about the “crisp, clear images”, but it never clicked in my head that whatever was wrong was something wrong WITH MY OWN EYES.

I also thought the halo effect around lights, especially far away or at night, was just part of how light far away or at night functioned. Oh boy… The world is SO MUCH CLEARER now. I can’t believe I have been suffering with a fuzzy world for so long, and getting headaches from straining my eyes.

It’s like looking at a whole new world. Thank science for technology!

At least, technically speaking, I can claim that I am a cyborg now, right? (utilizing technology to enhance my physiological performance)

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