Aes Sedai

To preface this blog post I want to say that when I seem to be complaining about something of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, I’m not meaning to say Robert Jordan is a poor writer. His writing is amazing, the

Tar Valon, The White Tower

universe he has created with his books is spectacular! My complaints are akin to someone sitting in a horror movie shouting at the person to do this or that and complaining when the character on screen doesn’t listen.

With that said. I kind of hate the White Tower. I guess I should elaborate a little. *minor spoiler alert* I’m in book 3 right now of the Wheel of Time Series, The Dragon Reborn, and Egwene, Nyneave, and Elaine have returned from their absolutely horrific ordeal with the damane (Egwene specifically). If I were in their position I would be so furious with the Amyrlin Seat after hearing I am to be punished. The three should bloody be hailed as heroes. Egwene just got back from being “chained” (literally as a damane) and punished, and now she has to endure more punishment from the Mistress of Novices, so unfair. Understanding that the Amyrlin Seat has to punish them if she is to maintain her secrecy as helping Moraine Sedai in allowing Rand to become the Dragon Reborn and not sic-ing the red ahjah on him,
I think it’s total bullspit. The amyrlin seat should just come out to the whole tower, declaring Egwene and the other two as heroes who crossed through “the ways” to toman head
and there saw the heroes of legend return to fight against the Seachan and the corrupt whitecloaks.

That’s what I would do, if I was in that situation. Poor Egwene.

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