Project: Redesign BANG!
Medium: Photoshop CS5
Concept: Take a family favorite board game that has been played to death and give it new life with a “re-skin” I tackled the idea of turning BANG! The Spaghetti Western Board game that my family and I love to play, and setting it in space. This was a long project but I finally completed it and my family and I play it frequently. This was a personal project purely for fun and not for profit.
To Complete: This was one of my most lengthy-to-complete, but overall satisfying personal projects once the work was done. Almost two months to complete at roughly 10 hours a week. Nearly $80 to print and cut.
Over 1,070 files manipulated, creating 50 folders of content at 5.14 GB total space.
BANG! is © Emiliano Sciarra. I do not own any rights to BANG! nor do I intend to make profits off my design.