Custom Catan

DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND I have decided to make my designs available for download >>> HERE <<<with the only requirement being those who download these designs are utilizing them for personal use only. Enjoy!

Custom Catan (2)Custom Catan (3)

This website ( makes pretty cool quality custom cards in case you also needed to know, specifically: (Plastic (100%)) (MPC Card Finish) Custom Game Cards – Playing Cards 2.48”×3.46” (63mm×88mm) are good.

Custom Catan (1)

Project name: Custom Catan
Type: Print
Size: Various
Revisions: Several
Est. Completion Time: Several weeks
Medium: Photoshop
Concept: I have been playing Settlers of Catan since I was 14 years old. I have been playing Catan for over a decade. After awhile, the same board begins to look a little stale. My wife also loves Catan. For a surprise anniversary gift I redesigned Catan, freshening up the look a lot. I printed the cards through a specialty card shop online and ordered custom 3d printed hexagons and building pieces.