Spacefarers of Catan

Project: Settlers of Catan (IN SPACE! a better version)
Medium: Photoshop CS5
Concept: I had this idea of Settlers of Catan in Space (Before they announced they would be releasing a Star Trek version of Catan) My family loves Settlers of Catan but we have all the expansions and have played the game for over a decade. I decided to prolong the life of this game by giving it a “facelift”. This project was the result of that hard work.
To Complete: In retrospect this was a rather ambitious project taking almost a month to complete at an estimated 5 – 8 hours a week (all completed in my free time)
Printing costed around $75 give or take $10 in mis-prints and errors.
375 files manipulated, creating 21 folders of content at 1.02 GB total space.
Settlers of Catan is © Klaus Teuber. The design and the hours spent manipulation the images is mine but most of the artwork pictured was all found on Google image search and other search engines. I do not own any rights to Settlers of Catan nor do I intend to make profits off my design, this is completely for fun.