VG Redesign

Project: Video Game Custom Box Art (from existing found images)
Type: Print
Size: 5.4″ X 3.627″
Est. Completion Time: 2 hours per custom box art
Medium: Photoshop and Illustrator
Concept: For awhile I became obsessed with the idea of custom box art. Some games I just didn’t like the art they had chosen to feature on the front cover, but mostly it was just cool being able to design and customize the covers that my games had. Phase 1 was this sort of attempt at making the game look like it had originally been designed by the company, featuring logos and the “fine” print found on the original packaging. Phase 2 was a desire to have the most graphic heavy and simplistic design possible purely based on my own choices. Needless to say, I went quite overboard. The hard part wasn’t even the designing, mostly finding the images to use and the logos was the most time consuming. I also made some Trilogy box set versions as well. I think it would be awesome to work for a company where this was my job.