Can you feel it? That slight building of anxiety? Of excitement?

I can.

It’s the beginning. The building of a legacy.

My writing. I hope I can keep it up.

This screenshot gives me chills. I can envision the future here. As the books build and build and build, I hope to do better, write more.

Gotta keep my hubris in check.

Gotta keep trying.

Have to write more.

Need to improve.

Money helps ease the financial burden, allows me to focus more on my writing.

I hope I can retire one day and focus solely on my writing.

I want my writing to be more than just a hobby.

I wish I had done all of this sooner.

Ignore the Haters.

Ignore the negativity.

Ignore the Trolls.

Keep trying.

This is it, Nik. This is the foundation, these are the BEGINNINGS.




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