Blogging and Writing

Blog. Blog. Blog. I was never good at keeping up with my blog. As a new, up-and-coming, indie author, though, I realize the importance of blogging. I need to reach out to my fans, let them know how my writing is coming along.
Yes I’ve started the second book in the Legacy of the Flame series, but I’ll admit, I haven’t gotten far. The first book took me many years to write, but that’s because it was such a long journey with many stops along the way. It wasn’t consistent steady work, it was here and there work, it was back-burner-eventually-I’ll-get-to-it work. Wielder of the Flame started out as a short story written by a friend which turned into an online thing that eventually we took down because I was writing so often in it (but that’s a whole other story to tell). This second book, though, it’s different. I feel the pressure begin to build as I see the first book being purchased by readers all across the world and I’m going to use that pressure to work quickly to finish the second one. (Not so quickly that I’ll do a bad job, I just mean I don’t want to work so slowly that it takes another 10 years to release the second book. That wouldn’t do well for the Legacy of the Flame, and it wouldn’t do right by my readers).
I can’t believe that I’ve finally done it, that I’m actually an author! It has been my dream for so long now. Well, back to writing, I don’t want to spend too much time here on my blog when I could be writing in my new book!


Happy reading!

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