Board Game Design Update

I am tentatively calling my game Stellar Colony (Space Colony was taken)

The play-testing process is going pretty well. I have made several necessary changes to the game and every time I feel it gets closer to the finished product.

Here, then, are preliminary designs for my board/card game. I went with a very dark theme but with strong colors. Although this is how I truly want the game to look, the sort of artwork I want featured will be very expensive to commission for each card. This kind of design requires a certain type of very vibrant colorful type of artwork. A kind of artwork that is above my current skill level.

Because of this I am also working on a secondary design profile for the cards, a much brighter and minimalist feel. It will be a kind of design I will be able to match with an artwork style I can achieve without having to commission the artwork from someone else.

I plan to update with those designs when I finish them, for now, enjoy this sample.

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