Board Game Update and TAG

Well I had a quite long but successful play-test of my board game last night. Shout out to TAG (Tri-Cities Area Gaming) and the guys who playtested the game with me.

We didn’t get through an entire play-through, but close enough to call it a full “playtest” play through. There are some definite changes needed to be made to the game to make it “fun”. The mechanics that exist are fairly good, but the main callout for the game is that it doesn’t have enough interesting player decisions to keep the players motivated to play (huge problem). The way the game is currently designed it basically could play itself out (i.e., the players just reveal cards and follow the logical progression of those cards interacting with other cards until the game is over).

Some suggestions to fix this were to change the Colony deck to two different decks (a player’s “Habitat” deck separated from the Colony deck) and to switch the Develop and then Defend step to Develop OR Defend.

I was thinking upon this further and thought of other ways to make interesting player decisions but the more things I think up, the more cascading changes my game would suffer and it’s hard to think if those changes are worth the work. (I mean obviously if the game is fun at the end it will be worth the work, but I have limited passion and time to dedicate to this so I want to use it wisely).

I also did some more mock ups of different brighter card designs, I personally like the ones with almost no color but a subtle gradient outlining the middle of the card. Don’t know yet which design I like best. Well, that’s not entirely true, I like the dark design best, but these other brighter designs are closer to what I can actually achieve art-style wise.

That’s it for this update (more to come soon)

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