So my family and I moved to a new apartment further away from work and school. That means more time driving in the car. I know my commute isn’t that bad compared to others, but from a quick 8 minute drive to school stretched out to a half hour drive is quite a difference personally. To circumvent the boredom I have begun listening to audio books. Do I have a classy smart phone that will livestream audible.com for me? No. So I dug out my old library card, blew the dust off it, and have begun to check out good ole books on CD (Hey, at least they’re not books on tape) from my local library. I decided to finish a series that I started way back in 2006 but never got back around to reading. I liked it a lot, but had a lot of things going on back then, and other series I wanted to read. The series I am speaking of, is, of course, Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. I read Eye of the World when I was in high school and LOVED it, but I never got much farther along than most ways through the second book. So, picking the series up again I started with New Spring this time, (which I had not read) and quickly finished Eye of the World again and am halfway through The Great Hunt right now.

Renna Emain and Egwene Al'vere
Egwene Al’vere as captured by Renna Emain

This morning I got to listen how (spoiler alert) Egwene and Min get capture by the damane. Two words, I HATE damane! (Okay, so that’s three, but I was never good at math). The whole idea of someone controlling someone like that just disgusts me, it infuriates me. I understand whatever pain Egwene causes her captor she gets the pain handed to her double over, but if I were her I would either grab a knife and kill my captor, even if that means I die, or wield enough of the one power in an instant to kill my captor (again, even if that means I die). I wouldn’t just commit suicide, I would have to take my captor out as well. But I would never let someone else dominate me like that. It’s repulsive to think of the implications of an entire society based around that idea. There is a little part of me that doesn’t want to continue listening if there will be a lot of the damane and if Egwene and Min stay chained to their captors. On the other hand, Robert Jordan has written well if he has written a villain I greatly dislike. I won’t stop listening, though, I aim to finish the Wheel of Time Series this time around.

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