Edits and Upoads

Self-Publishing. Who would’ve thought. I never would’ve. Well, “Self-Publishing” right? I actually envision self-publishing to be more like “Vanity” publishing. Paying thousands of dollars to get your book printed and bound and a truck load of copies of your book delivered to your house. No, that’s not what I did.

I decided to go with Amazon. I tried publishing a few collections of short stories on Smashwords.com. Boy was that a mistake. That went nowhere fast. I’m glad I tried the waters with my short stories because sacrificing my epic fantasy novel on that site would’ve been a huge mistake.

I’m glad I ended up where I am now, and I wish I could go back in time, even just a few years, with the knowledge I have now of the publishing world, and just told myself, things aren’t how you think they are concerning the publishing world. You don’t have to spend years trying to land a literary agent and then another year or so trying to land a book deal.

No, too much time has gone buy, I don’t know how much longer I have to live on this good Earth and I need to publish my book. It has been my dream, and now my dream has been realized. I just want to thank those who have supported me in this endeavor. Family, Friends, even online acquaintances. Thank you.

I know my book isn’t perfect. I thought that having several beta readers and a family friend edit the book would be enough. But I need a professional editor to really make it shine, and It’s my dream, so why not make it shine? So I’ve decided to dedicate a large portion of the earnings from my book towards hiring a professional editor to do a clean sweep of grammar mistakes and errors so that Wielder of the Flame can be it’s very best.

I will subsequently re-upload the new copy of the book on Amazon and the new copy will go live within 24 – 48 hours. The paperback edition will also have the newly perfectly edited content uploaded as well.

I guess that means that whoever has a copy of the original Wielder of the Flame will have a RARE copy. (If I ever get to be famous, that means the older not-as-edited version of the book will be worth a lot more).

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