Master of the Flame

master-of-the-flame-smallerMarcus has come far since a small black cat essentially gave him an enchanted blade and transported him across the ether to a magical land called Lyrridia almost a year ago. A world of swords and sorcery, enchanted relics, and mythical beasts. He made new friends, fell in love, restored the Sword of the Phoenix to its former glory, unleashing the magical entity that had been bound within, and even fought and defeated a powerful and dangerous necromancer and an entire city of his undead minions.

Now with all the young ones gathered together at the Oracle’s call, Marcus and his small band of friends must traverse the dark and deadly forests known as the Wildlands in search of the remaining crystal shards, to keep them out of the hands of the one called Archfiend. To stop that evil wizard from unleashing darkness upon both Lyrridia and Earth as well Marcus will need to learn not only how to wield his weapon, but truly become—Master of the Flame.