A Dark Journey

Forsaken at birth, raised by a people not his own, surrounded by blood and violence on all sides where every day is a struggle to survive, Warek tries to find his place in the world, understand why he was cursed with such a terrible destiny, and will fight against the darkness rising within. But will he be able to uncover the secrets of the dark magic before it consumes him and kills all he holds dear?

Tales of Lyrridia: A Dark Journey By Nikolas Rex

Prologue: Tainted Birth

There was a strange scent about, nothing good. An ill omen. Garran sniffed the air carefully as he made his way down the stone corridor. The orange torchlight emanating from sconces along the walls made his spotted caramel fur shine against the darkness of the night.

His ears perked up as the queen screamed again, mid-childbirth, her cries echoing throughout the castle. His tail flicked instinctively, something even the most disciplined Rovaar could not fully control. His whiskers twitched ever so slightly as well with each sniff. He rea
ched up with a massive claw and adjusted his shoulder plate, his other gripping his glaive.

As captain of the guard, and Queen Kariale’s childhood friend, he would not have anything go wrong on this night. He did not like the King, and the King did not like him, but Garran was a formidable warrior and the King trusted Garran as Kariale’s protector, and he would not betray that trust…