World of Lyrridia

Since the Illuminated Era, much has been lost regarding the History of this world. But the relics live on, hinting at past enchanted glories. And there are writings being recovered here and there, slowly but surely. Here then are some of the races, characters, and creatures that inhabit Lyrridia, as well as a map.

Follow the adventures of Marcus as he gets spirited away from his home on Earth to the fantastical but dangerous lands of Lyrridia. Armed with an enchanted blade of great power he must face a growing darkness, and only hope he can wield the strength to conquer it.

Welcome to Lyrridia, a world of swords and sorcery, enchanted relics and mythical beasts. Experience this fantastic realm through the eyes of different characters in this collection of short stories.

The name Marcus is of Roman origin, most likely derived from the name of the Roman god Mars, the god of war. Kendrick is of Welsh origin, meaning “greatest champion,” or from the Gaelic meaning “fearless leader.” Hughes is from the ancient Celt name of Ó hAodha, meaning “Fire.” Concept by: Nikolas Rex Artwork by: Leonardo Borazio @Dleoblack
Her past a mystery, Laura grew up in the Order of the Leaf. Kaelynn adopted Laura has her own. Kimira is Laura’s step-sister. Although trained somewhat in the knowledge of the healing arts Laura struggles with healing magic, and is instead able to walk the Unseen Paths. Concept by: Nikolas Rex Artwork by Leonardo Borazio @Dleoblack
Zildjin was abandoned at the docks of Kolima when he was a young boy. After several cycles of barely surviving in the streets of the Great Trade Capitol of the Freelands, Zildjin was taken in by Eleanor to be cared for as one of her own. Sesuadra was also adopted by Eleanor and though dissimilar in appearance, he and Sesuadra consider each other brothers. He, along with Sesuadra and Soren, meet Marcus on the very first day of his arrival to Lyrridia. Concept by: Nikolas Rex Artwork by: Leonardo Borazio @Dleoblack
Also a mysterious past, Sesuadra was adopted by Eleanor and taken in as one of her own. Though dissimilar to Zildjin in appearance, they both consider each other brothers. Sesuadra dreamed of Marcus days before his arrival to Lyrridia, and thus recognized Marcus the first time they met in person. He is usually quiet and doesn’t speak often. When he does, however, he is usually quoting text from the many many books he has read in the short span of his young adult life. He has what Marcus would call a “photographic memory”. Concept by: Nikolas Rex Artwork by: Leonardo Borazio @Dleoblack
Aldom’s are the loyal mounts of Lyrridia. Once they were a more intelligent creature, but over time aldoms became more docile and did not have to think as hard to be fed, etc. Now days it is hard to find a breed of sharp minds like the aldoms of old. But special aldom breeders can be found with aldoms that still retain a glimmer of intelligence, but at a steep price. These steeds are usually handled with great care and are well respected. Topar, with special permission from Eleanor, was asked to find just such a breed of aldom for Marcus, Zildjin, and Sesuadra. Aldoms have a variety of different fur colors, all depending on how they were bred. They have sharp beaks to help break hard shells for fruits and large nuts, but they also occasionally eat meat. They are very fast but only for short distances. Concept by: Nikolas Rex Artwork by: Leonardo Borazio @Dleoblack
Balkars are the pack animals of Lyrridia. They are strong, tough, and if well fed and well kept, actually quite well behaved animals. They are most vulnerable on their underbelly’s as they have a thick hide covering most of the rest of their back and body but not underneath. They do not scare particularly easily but usually will run from danger if pressed instead of fighting. They eat a steady diet of grass and shrubbery of all kinds. They have very hardy stomachs and can eat plants that would poison and kill most other animals. Though not usually used as mounts since they are fairly slow, they don’t mind carrying a human or two, but never into battle, because of their herbivore nature. Concept by: Nikolas Rex Artwork by Leonardo Borazio @Dleoblack
Rovaars are a hearty and stubborn race, prone to violence and warfare even more easily than humankind. Even during the Illuminated Era the Rovaars were in some type of warfare, generally with their mortal enemies the Macji. In Marcus’s eyes Rovaars resemble feline creatures of Earth such as lions and tigers but with human-like statures, standing on two feet. Rovaars are frequently confused with the Macji because both rovaars and macji are similar in appearance, covered in fur with pointy ears and tails. Again through Marcus’s eyes, Macji appear as the more lithe feline creatures of Earth such as leopards, panthers, and cougars.