Independence Day: Recrapgence

Independence Day: Resurgence was an abysmal, sloppy, lazy, charmless, witless, sophomoric, trainwreck. It was like Star Wars… The prequels… Everyone delivered their lines like little Anakin in The Phantom Menace when he finds himself locked into a fighter pilot. “Qui-Gon told me to stay in this cockpit, and that’s what I’m going to do!” *audience eye-roll*

The tension and thrills that the first movie delivered were entirely absent here. The script was laughable, the dialogue cringe-worthy. Plots involving characters from the first movie felt more than shoehorned in, Judd Hirsch reprising his role as Julius Levinson (Jeff Goldblume’s Dad) as one good example. And Bull Pullman’s character, ex-President Thomas J Whitmore, inexplicably went from half crazy mad-man on pills in the beginning of the film to fighter pilot extraordinaire and “only one” fit to carry out mankind’s last-ditch crazy plan to fight off the 2nd alien invasion.

Furthermore, trying to bank on Nostalgia (I assume) the writers used almost shot-for-shot scenes from the first film that just felt like lazy rip-offs than “proper nods” to the first movie. For example, in the last battle, they showed quick cuts of different people in varied parts of the world gathered around campfires and short-wave radios (just like the first movie). Another way this movie failed is in the diversity department. Sure there were actors with various ethnic background, but despite the entire world having “joined forces” from the events of the first movie, this very much felt like an “America, defenders of the Earth and the only ones capable of doing so, saves the day again!” kind of deal.

It tried to take itself seriously but without any real gravitas from well-known actors (Jeff Goldblume I’m looking at you) or even half-hearted attempts from the large array of B-list of actors present, the whole movie fell flat and ended up failing to entertain in any way whatsoever.

Enfin – Better than: Pixels (which isn’t saying much)
Instead, Watch: Independence Day (the first movie) Trust me, it’s a thousand times better…
or try: Battle Los Angeles


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