Making a Board Game


I have finally decided to make a board game. Been working on it for a few months in fact. Honestly, It’s about time. Board games are making a huge comback as of late! Now is a better time than ever for me to finally just bite the bullet and make a game of my own.

I’ve been modifying boards games for years now. Sometimes they were just cosmetic changes, but my more ambitious projects were adding on to games ala personal expansions that built upon the core of the game, or complete re-skinning of the game into a different genre (and adding a few rules, etc.).

But I feel like all the time and energy I spent into those projects were somewhat wasted. Sure I had tons of fun while working on those projects, and I only did them in the first place because I was very passionate about those games. (and yes I learned a lot about the process and I learned how to do things better after finishing each project)  But, like I just noted, I feel like that passion could have been put to better use. In the end I was only really modifying something someone had already created. I wasn’t truly creating something original. And I feel like my friends and family never really respected my efforts. I look back and kind of agree with them. I was just taking something someone had already done and building on to it. I thought I was paying homage to it, but I sort of was just riding the coattails of their work, and it wasn’t always accepted by those in my social circles.

So why not just make a brand new board game? So that’s what I decided to do.

I finished all preliminary steps in the game creation process recently. I have a document that will be acting as the rulebook, and I made some ad-hoc designs (all black and white) for playtesting. The actual game will be much more detailed and colorful, but I didn’t want to waste too much  It is so far in the VERY alpha stage. I won’t be posting too much about it here since I haven’t trademarked anything yet but the game is in a space age sci-fi setting and the point of the game is to choose a planet and colonize it. I had a few names for the game but most were already taken. Space Colony was one I wanted, but someone made that game already back in 1977.

There are, of course, games that have influenced me in the creation of my game. For example, I enjoy the trading element in Catan, and the dice rolling in combat from Risk and other games.

But this game is of my own creation, and I am proud to say that out loud! Just as I was proud to finally have a published book in my name. (still working on the sequel)

I plan to take my game to Kickstarter when it gets closer (after some heavy playtesting and game balance tightening) for funding. I also plan on taking my game to Rad Con in 2019, assuming I’m still in the Tri-Cities at that time.



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