Movie Review: Allegiant

Inspired by my brother’s new revival of his movie review’s I’ve decided to start posting some of mine. Starting with…


I’m no movie critic, but I am a writer. And when I go to see a movie and have a strong reaction to it, (whether that reaction is positive or negative) I always want to write about it. In the case of Allegiant, let’s just say I had quite a strong reaction, and it sure wasn’t positive.

Almost always my feelings towards a movie are affected by the audience with whom I share the movie going experience with, in this case, my wife. Even if I don’t like a movie, and she does, I generally have a positive reaction towards a movie, even to one that I wasn’t really interested in to begin with. On our 5th anniversary then, I was expecting to like Allegiant no matter what. My wife at my side, thoroughly enjoying herself, however, was not enough to persuade me into liking this film.

I can’t even say that Miles Teller was Allegiant’s saving grace. I enjoyed every scene he was in, even found myself laughing out loud at his great performance, but always his screen time was too short, and ultimately not enough for me to give a pass to the rest of the movie.

They tried way too hard to “throw curveballs” at the audience regarding plot, but I could see them from miles away, and they just ended up making the movie feel choppy and everything was executed poorly. Scenes just steamrolled right into other scenes for the purpose of hurrying things up to cram in as much as they could before, yup, setting things up for yet *groan* another Divergent series film.

Don’t even get me started on the not-even-subtle “discussions” on current issues that Allegiant shoves down the audiences’ throats when the main character (What’s her name? Trish? Triss?) all but turns to the camera and lectures America about #AllLivesMatter or something. There are cheap shots at trying to discuss other issues too, such as NSA level surveillance when *spoiler alert* it turns out that Trish and her gang of friend have been videotaped and broadcast live for thousands to watch all from birth (Truman show much? Also, how does that even work? Why did only Trish and her friends get special treatment? Or do the “NSA” people watch all people all the time from birth to death just HOPING that they’ll be watching the “important-to-the-plot” people?) Does Trish give the audience a little speech on monitoring people too? I can’t remember now since I’m already forgetting much of the movie, but I’m sure someone all but turned to the camera to lecture the audience on that topic too.

Special effects were great for the most part, but so was the CGI in the Hunger Games and Maze Runner movies, that didn’t make those great films either.

I can only recall a few really pulse-pounding, hard-hitting fist-fight scenes between Trish’s boyfriend and some baddies, but they came quite late in the movie and like Miles Teller’s scenes, they were in short supply, and not long enough to keep things interesting between the cringe worthy dialogue scenes. Jeff Daniels brings some of his Newsroom gravitas to his role, but there is only so much he can do with such a weak script. Everyone else (besides Miles Teller) phones it in acting wise. It is easy to imagine in-between takes the actors whispering to one another “We have to make another one of these?”.

With it’s dismal 12% on Rotten Tomatoes maybe Allegiant’s movie studio will follow the lead of Warner Bro’s picture when they never bothered to follow up on Ryan Reynold’s Green Lantern fiasco (even though they set things up for a sequel) but with how much money they’ve pumped into this franchise, it seems like they’re hoping that they’ll pull it off Transformers style and rake in the dough from an audience whose already seen the first three movies that they might as well watch the fourth one.

Enfin –
Better than: The Host
Instead, Watch: The 5th Wave

1 star out of 5.


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