Order of the Leaf

“As to all living things, heal and preserve; or at least to do no harm.”
– Excerpt from the Vow
The Order of the Leaf
Circa 105 under the Seal of the Dueling Siblings

…“A Leaf in the Wind: Chronicles of the Healing Order,” she read the title in gold lettering.
Marc wanted to know more.

“It is quite an exclusive group, comprised entirely of women,” Eleanor said, thumbing through the pages, she paused at a certain point and read aloud. “They are devoted to the healing arts, using a unique blend of natural and magical properties and techniques in their learning and practice. It is believed they founded their Order under the Terragur banner but in the cycles after Terragur passed and other rulers threatened to disband their organization for whatever reasons, they withdrew from The Noble Kingdom. Since that time they have wandered the lands. Wherever they go they stay only long enough to acquire new healing practices from that region, and move on. To this day it is believed that their knowledge of the healing arts is matched by none, and yet they are very selective in both whom they allow to join their order, and to those whom they administer their services. Some say they are so reclusive because they practice ancient dark magic, others say they have become withdrawn in their sharing of knowledge because in the past their good arts have been used for evil purposes…

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