Fashion Show 2015

Project: Professional Fashion Showcase: Best Foot Forward
Type: Flyers, Cards, Program, Menu, Digital Displays, etc.
Size: various
Print Order: various
Revisions: 5
Est. Completion Time: 8 hours
Medium: Photoshop and Illustrator
Concept: After 2014’s Professional Fashion Showcase: “Career Makeover Madness” success and with Career Development under scrutiny for validation of it’s usefulness to the student body (in a petition to get more funding for the Office) it was important for 2015’s Fashion Show to have equal, if not more, success. With the departure of our Graphic Design Lead at that time, it fell on me, just a Graphic Designer then, to step up to the plate. I was asked to design a similar theme to last years in hopes that in doing so would aid in making 2015 show a success, but with the theme of “Best Foot Forward”. The designs presented here was a culmination of those requirements mixed with my own creative flair.