Magi Nation Reckoning

Project: Magi Nation Duel Reckoning “Starter Decks” Medium: Photoshop Project Time: Several months worth of work Concept: Fake promotional material for Magi-Nation Duel RECKONING Starter Decks. I do not own several of the separate images used for this design but I DO claim ownership of the time and effort it took to put this together. This is purely for fun and not for profit. Just dinking around with some with industrial design. This is a throw back to a collectible card game that I enjoyed very much playing as a kid. It died long before it’s time. RIP Magi-Nation Duel. I also drew and colored some original card art to be used for this “set”. Unfortunately the friends of mine who played this moved away and we all grew up, and no one plays this anymore and my energy to “make” a new set for this game died.
The Reckoning Expansion introduces two brand new card types never before seen: Events and Actions. Action cards are for those decisive moments in the game when you just can’t let your creature die (Sudden Shield), or you think you can gain the upper hand if only you could try for a long shot (Risky Wager). Events have abilities that can affect all players at once, so choose carefully. Included in this Starter Set are just the right cards to get you straight into the action. Purchase booster packs to further enhance your gameplay.
  • ACTION CARD RULES - Action cards will be a set of 6 cards SEPARATE from the player’s main deck and therefore will not count toward the main deck’s 40 card limit. Action cards can be played any time on the owner’s turn (unless the Action card itself says otherwise, like an immediate reaction to something) the players are limited to playing 1 Action card a turn, and 2 Action cards per magi.
  • EVENT DECK CARD RULES - Both players help to build the Event deck at the beginning of the game, contributing their chosen event cards in secret. Each player will choose 5 Event cards and add them to the Event deck without revealing them. The Event deck will then be shuffled and set next to the game board facedown. After both players roll dice to see who goes first, the winner of the dice roll will choose whether or not to reveal the first Event card at this time (before both magi are revealed) If the winner of the dice roll decides not to reveal the first Event card, it will not be revealed until AFTER both players have taken 1 turn (so at the beginning of the first player’s second turn BEFORE he or she energizes.).
    • Each subsequent Event card will be revealed when any of the following criteria is met. A magi is defeated; each time a discard pile is shuffled into the deck; or whenever the energy on any one magi exceeds 25. Event cards can also be revealed as a consequence of some Action Cards.
    • Every time a new event is revealed it covers the card before it, negating any previous effects or powers of that previous event, and all previous events before it. BLANK Event cards. If a player chooses not to put in any event cards at all, they can add 5 blank event cards to the pile (though that could mean that the other player played 5 event cards and thus might have the advantage in battle if their event cards are revealed) When blank event cards are revealed the game will continue as normal, with no additional rules or changes to the main Magi-Nation Duel game.
I've decided to make everything I was working on available for anyone who has a passion to use HERE: Take care of it, I spent a lot of time on it, enjoy!