So after reading this article on Forbes, (Here is an excerpt from that article):

“Should authors read reviews at all? There are some who say authors shouldn’t read any reviews, good or bad, but that’s throwing the baby out with the bathwater, especially for early career authors. If you want to improve in your craft, you have to learn to take criticism and learn from it. Bad reviews can be valuable, but it’s important not to get over-involved with them, and you certainly should never, ever respond to them. Readers will forgive a bad review, but they won’t forgive bad behaviour by an author.”

I’ve decided to take their advice… sort of. I DO read all my reviews because I can take criticism and I want to improve my writing. However, instead of posting my reply on Amazon, I’ve decided to blog about it, at least that will put my thoughts out in the world, however, I won’t post the original comment. People can put two and two together if they so wish.

I guess I just want to get this off my chest, and blogging will be the way to do that.

Here is my reply:

Thank you for your feedback! As a first time Indie Author I am learning so much about the process of publishing. Even after countless read-throughs it seems that I can’t catch it all. I workshopped the book through several beta readers as well and in the editing department, I thought I got a deal but instead got what I paid for and I currently have a real professional editor carefully combing through the book. (I am as well). Wielder of the Flame has gone through many editions and manuscripts before arriving where it is today and I did not put it up on Amazon just hoping to score a buck or two but to share these characters and Lyrridia, which have lived in my imagination for most of my young adult life, with the World. I’m sorry that Marc dismounted twice at Terga, and other things that detract from the story. I will absolutely go right in and fix those things. Thank you for reading Wielder of the Flame and for helping me refine my writing to be the best it can be so that all readers can enjoy this book.

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