Shyden Monastery

“Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth; but that which is good and true to the use of edifying and uplifting others.”
– Excerpt from the Shyden Oath, taken before The Path to Freedom

…They could see the monastery from a distance. It was situated near the base of a mountain that was small in comparison to all the other mountains that they passed on their way. The stone buildings rose from the mountain base like carefully carved square pillars of stone. Windows and doors were laid out in uniform manner at intervals across the many different buildings that made up the whole monastery. Staircases were carefully carved from stone, surrounding some of the taller structures on each side, like square snakes slowly and methodically circling the buildings. The rooftops were made of blue tiles arrayed atop elongated triangular rooftops with s-like buttress going from one end to the other and curving upwards at the jutting out points of the rooftops. Banners mounted on double sticks atop some of the taller towers fluttered in the breeze. They depicted a yellow pathway leading up towards two mountains with a yellow sun rising between the two mountains against a blue background.
“The Shyden Monastery!” Irrash said as the road they were traveling broke off onto a smaller road that led up to the path that wound up the staircase to the monastery…

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