Tales of Lyrridia: Volume II Preview

Get ready for the much anticipated sequel to the first Tales of Lyrridia!
Introducing Volume II (coming soon!) 
Here is an exclusive sneak peek!
 “We are here,” The old woman said, “Lyeund, help keep him on his feet and I will fetch Doyenne Varnetta.”

Banet looked up and shifted his weight while Lyeund switched sides and put his good arm around her neck. Oraku and goldenlurch came to his nose again and her skin on his skin made him blush once more; making him momentarily forget his pain. With the pain subsiding for a few moments he was able to focus on his surroundings. It was a large campsite spread out over a wide expanse of open forest. Several large pack animals were tied off nearby, munching on brush. There were a number of large tents and smaller ones. Firepits stacked with wood were located by some of the larger tents, waiting to be lit later in the night when they would be needed for light and cooking. Women in robes and attire like Lyeund and Marianne walked to and fro about the campsites, cleaning, and performing tasks of various natures. Some were sitting in small circles, talking and mending torn clothing, others stood over tables, chopping food up and preparing the days meals.


To read more about Lyrridia and it’s many secrets and mysteries to be discovered, go download a copy of Tales of Lyrridia: Volume I found on Amazon.

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