The Precipice

He stood upon the precipice, the wind blowing through his silver hair.
His skin was like pale ivory, his ears long and ending in a point. He clutched the center of his chest, bowing his head slightly; eyes closed. He was garbed in faded green robes, carefully stitched with tiny gold leaves. They rustled in the breeze as well.
A soft blue glow began emanating from his torso, small at first, but growing in size and intensity.
“I can help them no longer, Exalted One. Please, let me walk this path.”
He said aloud.
His voice was airy and smooth.
There was a tinkling sound.
An answer?
The light grew brighter.
The figure fell to his knees, clutching his chest more tightly. The wind began to pick up swirling around him. The light surrounded the elf now, completely enveloping him in a bubble. The wind began moving faster, whipping around the globe of light. Dust and pebbles nearby began to get caught up in its hold.
“Thank you.”
The figure whispered.
Then he stood.
And stepped off the cliff.
But he did not fall.
He floated, being pulled up by the light.
His skin began to glow. He opened his eyes. His blue pupils were already fading. Light began to shine through the whiteness.
“Thank you!”
The elf shouted.
Light shot out of his fingertips, his toes, and his eyes, beaming brightly.
He began to rise into the air, higher and higher.
His back arched and he raised his head back, looking up to the sky.
The wind whipped. The light grew.
Finally there was a flash of white.
And the figure was gone.
The air was still.

A bird chirped in a nearby tree…

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