The year of time

loc_ebook_coverThis was the year that I decided to read all of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. I didn’t start in January, otherwise I realize I would have been closer to finishing than I am now. But that’s okay. I’m on book 6 now, Lord of Chaos. I will have to say this: Since the first one I read (New Spring) the book I have liked best is The Eye of the World. The Great Hunt wasn’t great, in my opinion. It differed greatly from The Eye of the World in all the wrong ways. The Dragon Reborn aimed to recapture a little bit of The Eye of the World, but still had a bit too much “filler”. Then I got to The Shadow Rising and the Fires of Heaven and… oh boy… there was SO MUCH filler. I thought The Shadow Rising could be re-named The Sub-plots Rising and Fires of Heaven could be Fires of Sub-plots. Following Nynaeve and Elaine joining a circus and wandering the world of dreams was SO BORING and POINTLESS! It took the better part of 5 novels just for ONE character (Nynaeve) to have SOME character development and realize what a stubborn, controlling, pretentious jerk she had been since being The Wisdom of the Two Rivers. And don’t even get me started on the time waste on the Aiel and their whole history and all those pointless scenes in the Wise Woman’s sweat tents. And making Egwene do all those silly tasks made me just want to scream. If I was in Egwene’s, or Elain’s, or Nynaeve’s positions I would tell the old hags to screw off and go off and learn magic myself. None of the Aiel Wise Women or even the Aes Sedai ever seem to teach the novices anything anyway. It’s ALL “Do this, do that, do my bidding” 24/7. That doesn’t seem to teach, but to enslave, just as much as the Damane enslaves. So stupid.

Then, FINALLY in Lord of Chaos some interesting things happen. So, yeah, books 2 – 5 could have been summed up into one book and just skip right to Lord of Chaos.

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