To Write or Not to Write


It’s Nanowrimo everybody! (Day 9 to be exact) Have I been keeping up? YES! How? I DUNNO! It’s a miracle obviously. I have decided to turn here to my blog to help keep up my writing everyday goal. The biggest hurdle I have is my current job. I’m working 60 hour weeks, it’s a killer! (Time killer that is).

Most nights I get home around 23:30 and then wake up with enough time to grab some breakfast and go back to work, it’s a brutal cycle. If anyone is still interested YES I am still writing the sequel to Wielder of the Flame. I had a pretty solid first draft but felt that there were too many side plots taking over and had to cut a bunch of stuff. Not back to square one, but just a lot of content lost and it didn’t feel like a strong book anymore, so I’m reworking a lot of things and trying to keep the main plot going strong throughout.

Meanwhile I AM working on two other titles Truth in Reason and Truth in Reason: The Lost Two Years. Both titles are books of memoirs of my own life. I recently had a major change in perspective regarding my belief system this year. I stumbled into some essays written by leadership in the religion I grew up in that contradicted all of the stuff I was taught growing up and that completely demolished my faith not only in the church I held dear, but in organized religion in general.

I am on my own spiritual path now and living life authentically. I first thought of what happened to me as a “faith-crisis”, but I realize the term “awakening” is a much better descriptor; a journey of enlightenment. I am trying to focus my energies on passions I previously suppressed due to the limited worldview I operated under. This is difficult because I am coming to these passions late in the game. I finally graduated from WSU and got my B.A. in Digital Technology and Culture. I’m not exactly in the position I want to be in at work, but it is better than my previous position and all I see is a way up. Once I’m comfortably in a job I can be passionate about I’m sure I will feel better about my situation… That kind of went nowhere. Sorry, my thoughts are a little scatterbrained at the moment.

I guess what I’m trying to say is life has been pretty bumpy for me this year, but I’m clawing my way through it and hoping to come out on top.

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