Banet looked up and saw as three small carts bumbled past. The first two carts were filled with hay and the last piled high with furniture and things, their drivers and families huddled together against the cold. Pale green aldoms with faded graying pink underbellies, one each, pulled the carts forward. The small train took up little of the road and passed with a fairly wide berth.
Banet caught the gaze of a small girl next to her mother atop the hay. She had a poignant beauty to her, dark hair, wide, innocent eyes filled with melancholy, and tender features of a child. She smiled briefly, but her eyes remained somber. She looked hungry. The world seemed to slow as the carts passed and Banet shivered. He did not know if it was the chill in the air or something else. Whatever it was, it was not a good feeling.



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