Upside Down

Is that the guy from Across the Universe? Ugh… yes it is… *my first thought when starting this movie*. Sidenote, I hate Across the Universe.

I wanted to love this movie, I really did. The premise is so cool, and some of the shots/cityscapes in this movie are simply breathtaking. Very well done visual effects. At least, wait, is this whole forest scene done in a… yup, clearly a studio, the lighting looks so fake, ugh. So jarring a transition from last scenes amazing double sci-fi office setting. Ugh, it’s Jim Sturgess again, boo, he’s such a bad actor. His laugh is SO FAKE, I can’t take it, it grinds on my ears, blegh. But hey, it’s Kirsten Dunst, she’s cool. Will she kiss upside down like she did in Tobey Maguire’s Spider Man? Haha.

Seriously though, like Frank, I was only able to finish this movie because I had Halo 5 Arena matches to occupy me most of the time. There would be no way I’d watch this movie straight up. Jim Sturgess’s acting is just so cringe worthy.

I’m all for the power of Love, I love love as much as the next guy, in fact. But the lengths Jim Sturgess goes to just to get into Kirsten Dunst’s panties is so ridiculous. Maybe if there was more at stake, maybe if he cared about changing the status quo more than he did about Kirsten, I’d be invested more in the movie. The desperation just oozes out of this guy when it comes to “love”. They even try and address it in the movie with his best friend arguing with him, but Jim is just like, “But she’s so hoooooooot (I mean, I LOVE her)”. Tacky, not well executed.

But the PREMISE! So cool! Ugh, but the narration! It’s just not NECESSARY! Don’t narrate every little thing, ugh. There’s better ways to explain the world to the audience. We’re not stupid, you know.

This movie would’ve been much better as a book, I think. Timothy Spall’s character was great though. His role reminded me a little bit too much of his character in Harry Potter at first, but he ended up surprising me at the end. I liked his character most of all, I think. (You know you have a problem with your movie when the audience cares more about side characters than your main characters)

Enfin –
Better than: Across the Universe (At least there’s a cool sci-fi premise in Upside Down to distract you from Jim Sturgess’s horrible acting… also, there’s no singing in Upside Down)
Instead, Watch: In Time (2011)


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