Viable Option

It is very surreal to sit at my desk and click on the Amazon KDP Author dashboard and see that I have sold over 500 copies of my debut fantasy novel after 30 days of having uploaded the book on
I spent many years of my life writing it and I personally love it, the world, the characters, the story. Sure it has flaws, but I love everything about my book. I never thought that so many others so quickly would read it. I was a little saddened when the first review of my book came out, only 3 stars. Soon after, however, 3 more reviews showed up, all with 5 stars and happy readers, and it meant so much to me. Jredsun writes: “I loved this book! The writer does a good job with descriptive imagery. I

could really picture what was happening. This book would make a great movie. I can’t wait for the second one!!” It’s funny because many of the scenes I wrote I specifically pictured them as being filmed in a movie, it’s just how my mind works sometimes.

All I’ve ever wanted was for others to read my book. I never cared about the money, but, living in the world that we live in, we all need money to survive, and seeing the sales from my book accrue has sort of validated writing to me and to my wife as a real viable option to help support us. I’m excited and also a little tentative about approaching the second book in what I hope will end up being a trilogy for Legacy of the Flame. Although I know what I want to happen overall, it is a little bit of a journey getting there (for my characters, as well as myself as the author) and I want to execute that journey successfully.


Thank you readers for letting me know you enjoyed Wielder of the Flame, and know that I am working hard on the second one.

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