Why I Love Harry Potter

Many people love Harry Potter for different reasons. I even heard someone once say “I Love the Harry Potter movies!” When I asked them if they preferred the books or the movies they replied with, “Books?”

So yes, even just the movies have had an impact on people.

I, of course, prefer the books. The main reason that I do is explained beautifully in this one picture.

This picture indicates the year the book was released on the bottom, and my age when the book was released on the top.

What I’m trying to convey is that, to me, Harry Potter wasn’t just some fictional character, he was someone I could connect with. He was like a friend that I grew up with, literally. There were so many parallels to his life and mine. His social blundering through relationships were similar to mine. His friendship hardships were likewise similar. He was a big part of my life growing up.

Now, on the other hand, I have a friend of mine who didn’t immediately begin reading Harry Potter when it came out, but many years later. He doesn’t like them, he found the earlier books too childish, and the later books hard to connect with because he didn’t really love the first few. He thought the movie were okay, but the book series wasn’t that great. He especially didn’t like when the hype for the 7th book took the world by storm (he hates things that get uber popular, but that’s another discussion entirely).

We disagree, but that’s okay! What I’m trying to say with this post is that, I know a lot of people love Harry Potter for a lot of different reasons, but to me, this is the reason why I love Harry Potter. I hope my children will likewise appreciate this great work of literary fiction. (I’m going to start to read my oldest who is 6, the first book soon! )

2 thoughts on “Why I Love Harry Potter

  1. That’s totally why I will always love Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer. I was the age of the characters when I read the books. I get how you feel!

    1. Yeah, I can totally see that. I never really got into those books myself, though I did read them. I preferred the Great Brain books (I think mom read those to us).

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