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Should I blog more? Absolutely. Do I have time to? Not really. Here’s what’s new. I am SO EXCITED to announce the release of the revised edition of Wielder of the Flame and I have a newly updated book cover to go along with the release. It features Marcus with hair that is closer to what his hair actually looks like and it also features him in the attire that Eleanor outfits him with in the colors of the relic hunter’s guild he founded the Defiant Dragoons. (Cobalt and Gold). I loved the old cover, but I like the new cover even more, as it is more true to the image I had of Marcus in my mind while writing the story. The artist is, of course, the amazing Dleoblack, whom you can contact via DeviantArt (a quick google search will pull up his name).  Covers Side by Side

I’m excited about this new edition because I got a brand new editor whom I enjoy working with and who is professionally credited with many titles credited to her name. http://www.loreleilogsdon.com/ Her site has recently been updated, so check it out!

For all of you out there wondering, am I writing book 2 in the Legacy of the Flame series? YOU BET! It’s going really great. I already had a general idea where I wanted the story to go, but I wasn’t actually expecting so many great ideas to start flowing as I’ve been writing. I keep thinking, “Oh, I think it would be good if I mentioned this little backstory about character x, because that would add another layer of depth to breathing life into him as well as explain WHY he or she did this or that.”

Anyway, I’ll try and keep up with my blogging, if anyone is even reading it, so my fans, if I have any, can stay updated on my happenings.

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